Our Services

  • Our full acknowledgment of all sorts of machines enables our valued customers to get any technical information and any comparison between brands or facilities attractions on the spot, backed up by brochures and videos presentations.
  • Doosan “World Class” unused machines added beauty and reliability to our company. To celebrate this beauty, “Doosan Lounge” monthly receptions attract Doosan lovers where conferences and meetings are held, while enjoying the newest of Doosan technologies and newsletters, as well as the mouth-watering cocktails.
  • The liquidation of our customers’ old machinery (any type/any condition) through our used machines department enhances the desire of the replacement of these old machines by unused Doosan machines.
  • The availability of any wearing parts in our large stock makes us reliable in Lebanese market and to the contractors who suffered in the past from to the lack or delays in provision of the wearing parts. Moreover, parts promotions are offered for any purchased unused or used machine.
  • Doosan Lubricants in our stock pushed the Doosan brand forward through the top quality of these fluids and the beautiful presentation of Doosan fluids packaging. In a short period of time, we could see the “Doosan brand” spread vastly to the contractors’ warehouses through the Doosan fluids cans or drum.
  • We are providing all our customers 24/7 maintenance & repair services, accompanied by

free consultations, diagnosis,  backup or visits when needed.

  • Our static and mobile service teams are offering 24 hours, 7 days a week show-up, even on holidays if needed.